How to clean a defrosting tray? (ultimate guide)

What is a defrosting tray?

Defrosting tray is a flat plate made of a material that is easy to conduct heat, such as aluminum or copper. It heats up and cools off quickly, so if you put a frozen steak on it, it will help to defrost speedily at room temperature and it is also easy to clean. 

What is a defrosting tray made of?

Often time it is made of aluminum, which conducts the room temperature air onto the frozen food and the colder temps from the surface of the meat migrate into the tray. 

How to clean a defrosting tray?

There are 3 ways of cleaning a defrosting tray 

1. With a sponge or dish rag

As the defrosting tray is with nonstick surface, it is very easy to clean up. A wipe with a sponge or dish rug with a little dish soap and rinse is all it takes, never had anything stick to it.

2. By dishwasher

You can also put it in a dishwasher to scour it. Simply place it in the dish washer as it shows.

3. By hand

This is the super easy way. As the defrosting tray is straightforward to clean, a quick few wipes with our hand under running water is also enough to clean it. 

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wash a defrosting tray