How to make a vegetable sandwich? (Tutorial)

Since I tried the vegetable sandwich, I immediately fell in love with it. It is so delicious, super healthy, and most importantly, easy to make. It make an excellent, quick option for breakfast in the morning or snack in the afternoon.

The prep time is under 15 mins. You can keep it the simplest way without using toaster or grill. A pan and some cling wrap are all you need.

Ok, here is how to make a vegetable sandwich. Let get right into it!

how to make vegetable sandwich 1

How to make a vegetable sandwich without bread?

Recipe Ingredients:

lettuce, egg, chicken breast, cucumber, red cabbage

Step by step instructions:

1. Fry an egg and the chicken breast


2. lay a sheet of plastic wrap on the board, put on 1~2 leaf lettuce, and flatten them with your hands.

Assemble the sandwiches: add some chili sauce + fried egg + chicken breast + cucumber + red cabbage


3. Cover with another piece of lettuce and wrap it up.


4. Now we have it, ta-da~



You can choose the vegetables you like. No need to 100% follow my recipe.

You can also use toasts or whole grain bread to make the vegetable sandwich.

If you are crazy about cheese, feel free to add cheese in your veggie sandwich.