45 Interesting Facts about Weight Loss

1. When you are not exercising, the fat offers most of the energy you need, so go to bed early and get up early will help you with weight loss.

2. The easiest way to lose weight: Do not stay up late.

3. Eat meat will not make you fat, the real reason for gaining weight is to eat too many refined carbohydrates.

4. The more you sweat, does not mean that the more fat your body consumed.

5. Stretch your legs after running, will not make sure you have thin legs. The purpose of stretching is only to relax the muscles.

6. Running will not make your legs grow fatter, sedentary habits will.

7. Sedentary lifestyle will hurt your knee much more than running.

8. You can only adjust the thing you eat to lose weight, the purpose of the exercise is to make you healthier.

9. All weight loss pills that claim to have “no side effects” can all be thrown away right now.

10. Milk you drink is not necessary to be low-fat unless you drink milk as water every day.

11. Low-carbon diet is more effective to reduce the fat on your belly than a low-fat diet.

12. Jogging is an extremely inefficient way to lose weight.

13. For 80% of fitness enthusiasts, if you eat meat in every meal of a day, there is no need to take in protein powder.

14. As long as the caloric intake of the day is within a reasonable range, having snacks at night will not gain your weight.

15. The protein in egg yolk is higher than that in egg white, so there is no need to throw away the yolk when you eat an egg.

16. 0-fat yogurt is not as good as sugar-free yogurt, and 0-fat yogurt may increase the amount of sugar to enhance the taste.

17. Body shape is more important than the number on the scale.

18. Fruit and vegetable juices, even pure and unsweetened, are not as healthy as eating fruits and vegetables directly.

19. Any social media celebrity who persuades you about detoxification, is probably wrong with many facts.

20. Most of the fitness celebrities on social media actually have a little belly. It is all about posing before the camera.

21. For most beginners, you can lose fat and gain some muscle at the same time.

22. Black chocolate will not help you to lose weight. Wake up, this is chocolate!

23. The most effective way to lose weight is to never lose weight again.

24. Compare with a spoon, eating with chopsticks can make you eat slower and thus eat less.

25. Drink a glass of water before a meal, you can eat a lot less.

26. Eat vegetables first, then eat meat and main dish, you can take in fewer calories.

27. Burpee jump is known as the most comprehensive and efficient exercise for weight loss.

28. It is better to limit the eating time of a day to 8 to 9 hours. For example, if you eat breakfast at 8:00 am, it is better to eat dinner at 17:00 pm at the latest. This can help you lose more fat.

29. Obesity is related to genes, there is an FTO gene, specializing in managing human appetite.

30. The fat begins to burn at the first second of exercising.

31. Coke Zero is really good, science makes life better.

32. A exercise that is aerobic or not mainly depends on the state of the exercise, not refers to a certain exercise.

33. During the fat loss period, the intake of carbohydrates and fat need to be reduced, but the intake of protein needs to be increased.

34. Waist to hip ratio = waist/hip circumference, can reflect the amount of visceral fat, the larger the waist to hip ratio, the more visceral fat you have.

35. Stop asking which is more effective to lose weight: jumping rope, running, or hula hoop. All of the above can help only if you start exercising.

36. A healthy waist-to-hip ratio for men needs to be less than 0.9, while women need to be less than 0.8.

37. Simply go on a diet to lose weight only means losing the water of your body, which will definitely rebound.

38. Eat fruit as a meal will not help you lose weight, on the contrary, it will gain you fat.

39. You are not drinking water to get fat, you are just eating too much.

40. Enzyme is another way of writing the word “waste”.

41. Muscle will not turn into fat after you stop exercising, muscle is a muscle, just like a turnip will not turn into a green vegetable.

42. Anyone who tells you about “a quick success”, “10 days to train XXX” is a liar.

43. Drink tea or coffee to lose weight means you have to stop take sugary drinks.

44. Fat is not a bad thing, too much fat or too little fat is.

45. If you keep a sedentary lifestyle and doing no exercise, even you go to the gym regularly will not help you lose weight.

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